Thaiveedu is a Tamil newspaper that strives to deliver quality content to its readers. It has become a leading newspaper in the Tamil Canadian community since its inception. It is the largest content newspaper in the Tamil Canadian community with 120 pages. 

Thaiveedu’s basis is to offer readers a how-to on leading a successful life in Canada. It’s goal is to educate and inform readers on everything from local news and events to financial tips and business news.

The Thaiveedu team is made up of professionals and veterans in the media business. Thaiveedu consists of over 150 writers and 95% of the the articles written is exclusive to Thaiveedu.

Thaiveedu is a monthly newspaper with 10,000 issues distributed monthly. We deliver in Ontario to high traffic Tamil stores, Family doctor offices, lawyers offices, temples and etc.

Thaiveedu issues can be viewed online at:

Thaiveedu offers home subscriptions that are available for an annual fee of CAN$55.

Editor: PJ Dilipkumar
Layout and Graphic designer: Digi Graphics (Karuna Vincent) 
Ad Sales: Kumanan Thambiah